How did the First Americans end up last in America?

Delbert Sandlin

I grew up in Fresno, California, as the youngest in a family of five. My father, who was part Cherokee, was a successful doctor and cattle rancher. Whether he was embarrassed or ashamed of his ancestry I will never know, but he never spoke of it and I never met my paternal grandparents to ask. I went searching for that missing part of my family history, and after four years of research discovered a story about our nation and its treatment of Native Americans that needs to be told. That story is From Dog to Wolf.

This is the story of Daniel Graywolf, a Lakota Sioux teenager, struggling to survive on the impoverished Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Shy, and a loner mostly by choice, Daniel escapes the everyday drama of life there by wandering the creek beds and washed-out roads in search of specimens for his unremarkable rock collection. On the rez, Daniel is known to all as Little Rock Dog.

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